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Fall Programs

Check out our Fall Programs... Storytime, Adult Raspberry Pi MakerCamp, Ukulele and more! See our calendar of events.



Rest & Relaxation Yoga  is back

Tuesdays @ 12:30 at Colborne Library from September 20th to October 18th - come and join us to explore chair yoga, laughter yoga and meditation

2016 Poetry & Short Story Contest Winners!

The results are in!  Here are our 2016 Poetry & Short Story Contest Winners:


Vandermeer Toyota Winner


Junior Winners


Open Winners




Buddhist Meditation Class

 "Mindfulness Meditation"

1 - Reasons for popularity of mindfulness meditation

2 - How to reduce stress, anxiety, depression

3 - Benefits of meditation

4 - Meditation and daily life.

 See our  calendar of events!






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