Cramahe Library Virtual Book Club

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Cramahe Library Virtual Book Club

This Book Club will be a new experience for us all!  It will be a place to post and comment online on what you (and others) are reading!  To start we are not choosing a specific title, instead we want to promote discussions about what you are reading/have read based on themes.  

Contact us at for more information!

Member of Facebook? Search  for our group 'Cramahe Library Virtual Book Club'!

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Every few weeks we will post new Cramahe Library Virtual Book Club themes on this page!  All you have to do is email us your comments, or book suggestions and we will post them in the group for you! Email us at:

Summer Reading Challenge

We have a Summer Reading Challenge Happening : Click Here for More Info

Theme #1:  Historical Event

Since we are living through a historical event, we want to hear all about the books you've read that deal with historical events!  They can be any genre you want:  fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, young adult, junior fiction, etc

Theme #2: Book Series

Suggest us some Book Series that you just can't get enough of! We want to know what your favourite Book Series are, and what Series are on your to-be-read pile.  Can't wait to here your suggestions!

Theme #3: Summer Reads

What are Your Favourite Summer Reads?  Let us know!

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