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TD Summer Reading Club & Summer Stories

The Summer Reading Club Is (Mostly) Virtual This Year!

However, materials can found physically at the library this year, as well as online  on the TD Summer Reading Club Website - Click Here !

We will have physical TD Summer Reading Club Materials available the week of July 5th! Contact us by phone (Monday-Friday 11am-4pm) or by email at to sign up!   AND everyone who signs up with the Library by phone or in-person will get their name entered into an End-Of-Summer Gift Card Draw!

This Year's Theme is 'Ready, Set, Game On'!  This summer, let’s cheer each other on as we achieve our personal best. We can play on a team, knowing we’re better together, or play on our own to see how far we can go. We’ll learn about our world, ourselves and each other through play and if we stumble along the way, we’ll get up laughing and keep on trying, because failing is sometimes part of the game. Let's give it our best!

Summer 2021 Weekly Take-Home Craft Kits:

--> Visit the Summer 2021 Take-Home Craft Kit Page by Clicking Here!

Summer 2021 Weekly Mystery Challenges:

--> Click here for Weekly Mystery Challenges

Updated Weekly on Fridays at 11:00am – Click on the BLUE links below and let us read to you!

TD Summer Reading Club Intro

"David Jumps In" Story by: Alan Woo, illustrated by Katty Maurey (2020)

"Teamwork" Story by: Robert Munsch, illustrated by: Michael Matchenko. Scholastic Canada, 2020.

"Let's Play A Hockey Game!" By: Kari-Lynn Winters, illustrated by: Helen Flook. North Winds Press, 2016.

"Kamik Takes the Lead" By: Darryl Baker, illustrated by: Ali Hinch. Inhabit Media; English Edition, 2020.

Links for week 2 will begin working on Friday, July 16th!

"Follow Your Breath" By: Scot Richie. Kids Can Press, 2020.

"Yoga Baby" By Amy Hovey. Orca Book Publishers; iluustrated edition, 2020.

"When We Are Kind" By: Monique Gray Smith. Orca  Book Publishers Ltd, 2020.

"Birdsong" By: Julie Flett. Greystone Kids; illustrated edition, 2019)

"Protecting Earth's Surface"  By: Natalie Hyde. Crabtree Publishing Company; Illustrated edition, 2015.

"Rad!" By: Anne Bustard & Daniel Wiseman. Abrams Books for Young Readers; illustrated edtion, 2020.

"Lucy Tries Basketball" By: Lisa Bowes. Orca Book Publishers; illustrated edition, 2019.

"A Potato On A Bike" By: Elise Gravel. Orca Book Publishers; illustrated edition, 2019.

"Unicorn & Yeti: A Good Team" By: Heather Ayris Burnell. Acorn/Scholastic Incorporated, June 25 2019.

"I Will Dance" By Nancy Bo Flood. Atheneum Books for Young Readers; Illustrated edition, May 26 2020.

"Hide-and-Seek" By: R. D. Ornot. Kids Can Press; Illustrated edition, Sept. 3 2019.

"Team Steve" By: Kelly Collier. Kids Can Press,

"Casey's Ball" By: Kit Yan. Flamingo Rampant,

"Karate Kakapo" By: Loredana Cunti. Kids Can Press,

"The Stone Thrower" By: Jael Ealey Richardson. Groundwood Books; Illustrated edition, 2016.

"Yoga Animals In The Forest" By: Christiane Kerr. EDC June 2021.

"A Princess of Great Daring!" By: Tobi Hill-Meyer. Flamingo Rampant , 2015.

"Little Fox" By: Britta Teckentrup.‎ Orca Book Publishers; Illustrated edition, 2021.

"The Clothesline" By: Orbie. ‎ Owlkids; Illustrated edition, 2019.

"The Thing Lou Couldn't Do" By: Ashley Spires. ‎ Kids Can Press; Illustrated edition, 2017.

Register for the Virtual TD Summer Reading Club Today!

Click Here to Visit the TD Summer Reading Club Website for more info!  When registering for the first time, click on login and underneath the box looking for the 'web access code'  click on the blue hyperlink for "New to the site? Click here to generate a web access code". You need it to create your online notebook and to access ebooks.'

Through the Virtual TD Summer Reading Club Kids can:

  • Create an online notebook
  • Read ebooks
  • Vote in the Battle of the Books
  • Review books
  • Participate in  trivia
  • Write silly stories
  • Use Story Starter
  • Read and write jokes
  • Read an original web comic by Mike Deas
  • Print colouring sheets
  • Find the perfect book

There’s something for everyone, including kids with print disabilities as well as preschoolers and their families.

About the TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s biggest, bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities. This free Club celebrates Canadian authors, illustrators and stories, and inspires kids to explore the fun of reading their way. This is key to building a lifelong love of reading.

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